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Thank You For The Cross!! Sending Your Perfect Son!! 

Donnie & Leonetta have been sharing the Love of Jesus through Christian Blues everywhere God opens the doors!!

Enjoy your stay! We pray you enjoy the music and photos along with stories of the road, family and Love of Jesus!!!



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New 2014 Release This Ain't Heaven Yet

Donnie V: This Ain

God Country & Chicago Bears!!


Memorial Day Remembering Our Heroes!!

We Love & Thank All of Our Veterans Who Have Past & Present Served Our Country!! We Thank You For Your Sacrifice For Our Freedom!! Our Prayers are With You and Your Families!!!       


 California Coast Just South of Cambria, Thanksgiving 2014



Hard Rain Fall & Ain't Talkin' Religion CD's

Donnie V: Hard Rain Fall
Donnie V: Ain
It was such a pleasure to meet you today. The world needs more people like you. Safe travels friends.
Leonetta and Donnie. It was such a nice surprise to see you both again. I'll never forget the events of June 8th 2018. But that day wasn't ordained for me to go just yet. God has something yet planned for me until my ordained time arrives or he comes for us. (Phil 1:6) I believe God to be sovereign and He sent me to the hospital for a reason. I spent six days there and got to know the patient next to me. His name is Larry and I discovered he was a homeless guy. He was to be discharged with nowhere to go and nothing but the hospital gown! So I was able to provide him some clothes and some other items. We were both discharged on the same day. We've since met a couple of times and he has since moved into a shelter at a church in Claremont. I've met with him a few times, had lunch with him, and shared the gospel with him. He's told me he appreciated the prayers and the time spent. I think my time in the hospital was to meet Larry. I don't think anything is a coincidence. (Phil 2:13) We're here to serve at God's good pleasure. And when he takes us, then it will be my time. But until then....
Would love to send you the photo of the 6 hiking girls in Zion with Firecracker. How do I do that? Cynthia
I am thinking of you and I hope you are spreading your joy to everyone you meet. Love you guys
I love you guys God bless you. I am in Newport beach now hope your trip to Chicago is fun for you
Absolutely wonderful meeting you and spending time together last night!
Thank you for the hug on this glorious Christmas morning, 2017. It's dawned on me that was the only physical human contact I've had today. I hope my cat, Special Edd, understands (lol).
You are so full of life and positivity!!! I sincerely appreciate your sincerity and genuine love!!
Mrs. Leonetta I just want to say thank you so much for all of your love and positivity! I do really appreciate it.
Hi momma Leonetta, & Donnie! Thank you two so much for the love and prayers yesterday. It was beautiful meeting you two! I hope and pray your ministry continues to touch many. :) God bless! Great music, by the way!
Hi guys, God Bless and if possible could I hear more about your warehouse mission in downtown L.A.
Hey just dropping by to say thank you again. Also came by to listen to so music <3 <3 It felt like divine intervention. Thank you both again! I love you Donnie & Leonetta
Thank you for your ministry and work. In times where there is so much hate, bigotry, racism and xenophobia, it is heartening to know God has sent people to tell us "Do not be afraid. " So touching, thank you. Shannon, Sears Vacations Manager
Leonetta and Donnie, thanks for praying with me at church this morning. I know the Lord has a plan for the special children he has given me and my wife and I am grateful to have a brother and sister praying for my family. God bless you two.
Leonetta and Donnie, thank you for loving our family and for chasing me and my mom and squeezing her especially! You are a reminder of how loved we are and to not ever take for granted every moment that we have been blessed with breath from our Creator!! I love you too!!!
Leonetta, Thank you so much for your kindness. My family appreciates your love for our almighty god & your prayers.God Bless you & Donnie on your journeys.God Bless your Ministry. love you, M&D & Kiddos! :)
God bless you and your ministry!
Thanks for my Christmas present!! It was nice to see you hiking back in Mt Baldy again. Rich (patrol-25)
Hi, we meet outside of CCRC. I was with my husband Steve. May God bless you. Can you please pray for a 5 year old boy named Isaiah. He was just diagnosed with leukemia but it has not spread to his spine. His parents are being hopeful. He is in chemotherapy tho. Thank you so much. Love you!!!
Leonetta & Donnie, It was such a joy to meet you at the Rushing Winds Biker Church in Zanesville, Ohio a few weeks ago. I was also visiting that church for the first time that night as well. You are both such a blessing! Donnie, your music is straight from the throne of Heaven; and Leonetta, God's love simply bursts forth from you with sweet abandon. I left there that evening feeling encouraged and lifted up in a way that I haven't experienced in a very long time. Thank you so much for coming there and may God continue to bless you and use you in the furthering of His kingdom.
Hello Donnie and Leonetta! We met at The Ark in Kentucky. My husband, two daughters, and I talked with you. You stopped me in my tracks (as I was going to sit down on the long benches) and spoke to me, made mention of heaven together one day, and loving me. Oh what a blessing to fellowship for those few moments. You shared your story with us and we prayed together for our daughters to be lights in the world by loving on their friends with the love of Jesus. It was a great blessing that day, for we felt we had come in contact that day (before we talked with the two of you) with many people whom came to the ark to scoff at the idea of a global flood and God's wrath. You encouraged us in the same way that (I believe) the Church was encouraged when Paul, the apostle, came to preach to the church. Love you both and are so grateful for your reaching out to us. "Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law." Romans 13:8 "For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for the saints, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better." Ephesians 1:15-17 Love to you both!
Leonetta, I met you this morning at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama! I have thanked God every second of today for blessing me with your presence. I told my husband that I met an Angel today, and I truly believe that! You are exactly what I aspire to be on my journey with my Heavenly Father. I have never met someone who gives off such a wonderful, spiritual vibe... you're presence alone just moved me to tears, you saw it...I couldn't stop crying! You just don't even know how badly I needed for you to be there this morning. I love you so much and I hope you come back and visit soon. All of us at Meaher State Park do!!! Love, Haley.
On the road again you two spread love and knowledge oh and good Blues. You two rock!!
THANK YOU so much for the beautiful work you are doing! Come back and visit Marshall,Arkansas anytime!!
Good morning Donnie & Leonetta: I tried to text you Mon. at 8:43 AM it went through on my end . Don’t know if you gave me correct cell # Sunday morning. You gave me xxxxxxx And your home xxxxxxx. I hope its correct. If not please let me know. If not here’s what I wrote to you in a text. Leonetta. Good morning my beautiful darling sister. Just want to say we love you and Donnie so much. We pray we pray that our Lord Christ Jesus will be with you and protect wherever He leads you both on His next Journey. Just want you to know Fernando & I discussed last night we have never met anyone that is more on fire for the Lord and loves Jesus more than you do. You are truly our inspiration and a ray of light and hope. I pray you both have a Beautiful Blessed day. Love your brother & sister in Christ Jesus our Lord & Savior. God Bless. J See you when you get back!!! All Our Love Fernando & Mitzi J XOXOXO
My family and I were very excited to hear that you both would be visiting Calvary Chapel Fredericktown. We can't wait until August 14th. Until we meet again!!! We are praying
Hi Donnie and Leonetta! This is Jan from Comfort Inn at Laguna Hills. I'm so glad I got to meet you two. I wasn't even supposed to work today, but God seemed to have other plans! Thank you so much for staying at the hotel and for making my day today, and I really hope to see you again! I told my family about you two, and we just want you to know that we're praying for you. You'll always be welcome at Comfort Inn! We love you, and God bless!! <3
Loved meeting you Leonetta at Home Depot! God is so awesome that he brought us to meet that morning. I especially watching you interact with my manager Greg. Pray the Lord will come into his heart too. Hope those fans worked out for you! Beautiful music happy to hear Gods gifts are being used to spread HIS word! I love you sister! Francine
Our Dearest Donnie and Leonetta: As always it heart felt to hear your voice this morning. Melissa and I are on facebook if you want to check out what we want the world to hear; "God's" word about end times and our soon trip home to met Jesus in the air. Melissa is under: Melissa Krause and I am at Ken Krause. You will find us easy. We are doing very well under the circumstances, always teaching the children God's word. Watching, listening to CSN International, and are now on prayer warrior status. Lord willing, we will met again before we go home. Either way, we will see each other again. I too pray that we can see one another, and have the wonderful fellowship in the company of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Love and Much Hugs, Ken and Melissa
Hi Donnie! This is the cafeteria manager at Tanner.Love your music and your page!God bless you both!
Just wanted to say i met Leonetta today as I was parked @ a Stater Bros parking lot doing my bible studies. She pulled up beside me and asked if i was ok.such a kind,loving, caring soul. So full of Gods love wanting to share it with the world.God blessed the both of us this morning. Bringing to women togethet who ate both so earnestly seeking out our Heavenly Father . Thank you Father for putting this woman of God n my path this day. I look forward to meeting up with her again so that we may both work together that we my serve you Father God that your will b done. Love you Leonetta. My new found sister in Christ.
Donnie, just want to let you know my dad and I really enjoy your new cd! We are also very thankful to God for bringing you and Leonetta into our life. We love you very much and always look forward to seeing you every Sunday, Kevin & Richard
I just want to say I'm always blessed when I see Leonetta at church, you encourage me to be a better person and that I'm loved. Thank you for all you do to bring Gods love to others. God Bless
Happy Birthday Jesus!! Merry Christmas to everyone!! Honey & I Love You and pray you all, FAMILY, have a Blessed Christmas as we celebrate Our Saviors Birth!! Donnie & Honey!! Merry Christmas Honey & Lil' mama I Love You!! Donnie (Honey)
Donnie V, It was good visting your gospel webpages. Feel free to visit us at It is so good to know the forgiveness of all sins and the free gift of eternal life by faith in God solely through His Son Jesus Christ.
Hi Donnie, I finally got a chance to send you a hello. It was great chatting with you yesterday after church. Give me a shout if you would like to get to gether sometime and just jam.. Bill
I want to try to come see you guys at Janet's place on Oct 25th! It's been awhile since I've been there, and it's always a blessing hanging out with you two :)
Sorry The Hamilton Radio rebroadcast did not air Sunday 9-14-14!! Sorry for the miscommunication!! We'll let you know if it airs in the future Our Father's Willing!! We Love You Family!! Thank You For all Your Prayers!!
I love the pictures! A lot of love going on out there. Praise God!
Lovely meeting you in Spring Lake. Hope you enjoyed New Jersey. God Bless!
Was good meeting you in the Petrified Forest.
enjoyed our chance meeting in the Smokey Mountains. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Stay safe and keep up His Work--using His Word.
I met you all at the pilot in Roland, Ok, you made a great impression on me, I took your music in to work with me and let my little ladies listen. They LOVED it! I was having a bad night and my ladies started singing along with the cd. My ladies have Alzheimer's but I had 5 of them singing all the words. It was the best blessing I've had in awhile. Thank you for making my evening go better, God blesses us everyday and everyway!
Nice meeting you sir. God bless your work and may many be touched by it. Cheers!
Having you come right up to me, my little sister, and my boyfriend at the Pet Wash yesterday was definitely a gift from God. I'm so glad I brought my friend back to talk to you later that night at Vacationland Inn. Your story and the things you said made a huge impact on me and I'm going to be a stronger person now because of you. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I will go through life always remembering your positive words! I'd love to see you again sometime! Thanks again for everything<3
It was a pleaser meeting you and Lanneta at Hamilton Radio . Be safe and let's keep in touch .
Hi! It's Darius from Food Lion, awesome site bro!
It was So nice to meet you today in Beckley at the Jazz and Blues festival : ) Your kind words were so sweet, you made my day! I love your website and it has inspired me. Your music is uplifting and inspiring, What a blessing! I hope you continue to have a safe and happy journey : )
I'm the army guy in the yellow shirt. I can't wait to listen to the cd thanks for the bible!!!!
I checked you in at the Fairfield Inn at Jeffersonville, OH on 07/29/14! I really enjoyed meeting you and thanks again for the CD and the hugs!! God bless you abundantly in your ministry!! In Christian Love, Wendy
Thank you and The Lord for bring you to my hotel taday I feel I was blessed by The Lord when I met you both today thank you and god bless you both on your travels you made a difference with me today thank you
Greetings from Rancho Cucamonga, I love love the music. I will never cease from praying for you my brother and sister in Christ, you two continue to reach the lost for the Lord. Love you God Bless you, your sister in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thanks for stopping and saying hello while we we playing the guitar up on the mountian. God bless!
God we love to praise and worship here too among us from finlnd snd the working to Christ are so amazing gift to do and sowing our seed in blessing and in love of God to reap later big harvest ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
Love your site and the songs "I Remember" and "I Miss U" very much! We hope God will bless with your ministry here in NE Philadelphia this summer. I have several ideas in mind, which i know you will enjoy and where genuine outreach is definitely possible! May God continue to bless your ministry and marriage!
It was great seeing the two of you today, please pray that GOD continues to give me the creativity to bring people to him through the ministry of animal adoption/rescue. There are several people who believe our loving father either does not exist or is a hateful GOD because of the unfortunate events that occur in the animal kingdom, I am hoping that through an act of kindness (animal rescue) I,and hopefully many others very soon can reflect and share GOD's LOVE and the fact that he does exist and wants to grant us the happiness we seek. Papi and I love you and look forward to seeing you again next week.
Great to see you are still on fire for the Lord and keeping the gospel flame alive with the wonderful gifts God has given the both of you!
It was great to see you at the top of Cerro Alto last Friday! So great to meet God's family :)
hi, you stopped by our property and met my boys in buellton, on the apple farm. he said to contact you, what a great story of the sign.
Happy New Year from Bob @ Safe At Home in Cambria
It is amazing how God works! I met you Leonetta on the Etiwanda hike this past Monday. I wanted to say hello and say what a blessing you are. Have a great Christmas!
Hey Guys, just stopped in to see what condition your condition was in :-)
Met you at 99cents store and you were so nice to talk to! GO BEARS!!! From a Chicago Bears fan!
To my sweetest friend in the whole world Leonetta, Thanks for being the kind and caring person you are.I can honestly say I haven't met much like you! Even though we are miles apart I hear your voice and am reminded Jesus loves me. Everyone needs a blessing like you! We miss you so much.God Bless your day we are praying for you. Come to Roseburg soon and see our new place and spoil the kids but you are taking them home ha ha. We Love You. The Krause Family
Hi you two, I am so happy that Toni emailed this to me. I did not come to downtown LA on the 1st Sunday because I forgot where you were going to be located. Send me the info again. Pray for me, I am going to have surgery on 9/16/13. God's love and blessing to you!
My friend and I saw you/met you years ago at Strauss Ranch in LA.Bought your 1st cd (I think) and almost wore it out playing it so often. Lost contact with you for a long time. So glad to see you with the Lord in ministry (me too, I just don't sing). God bless you and hope you come to Reno sometime where I've relocated. Lots of Christ centered churches(and 2 Calvary Chapels.)Romans 15:13
Loved your music, friendship and CD from the Drift Gospel Sunday in WV.May God continue to bless both of you and your great Ministry. It was truly a joy for me and my family members to be with you. JA
Please Check Out Kings Airway, The New Photo Gallery under Photos! Our Father Continually Blesses as we return From Our Flight to The 2013 Simply Jazz & Blues Festival at The Drift, Sandstone WV.!! Thanks For All your Prayers Family!!
Be safe on your trip. Going to miss you next week. <3 you
Hi Family!! It's me & Honey!! We just want to Thank all our family for your prayers, support & signing the Guestbook!! We also want to let you know about the new photo gallery, KWVE San Clemente Street Fair, under PHOTOS. So You can see how Our Father Blessed!! WE LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!
I love the King's Highway pictures! It looks like you are having a beautiful time with new and old family, and loving God's children along the way :) Love you both!
Just thinking of you guys and will be praying for God's work and safe travels. Miss you guys a lot. Katt sends her best also. Love ya
Was just thinking about you guys and thought I would say 'Hi'! I'm praying for you and your ministry...hope things are going well :)
One of the things I love most about working in a hotel is meeting so many wonderful people. Donnie & Leonetta, it was a real pleasure meeting you, and you are always welcome at the Hampton Inn - Lordsburg, NM.
Y'all are quite literally the nicest and most friendly military supporters I've ever met. Thank you so much for the conversation and gifts! Please be safe in your travels! God bless
Julia from the Hampton Inn in Lordsburg NM!!! Such a great couple to meet!! I enjoyed talking to you both so very come!! "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"
It was such a pleasure meeting you this morning at Super 8. I can tell that you have God's spirit with you. I was looking over the titles on the cd that you gave me and I feel like God had you do that for my son's sake. He is a recovering drug addict-been clean 2yrs now and is getting his life back together. He is back in chuch all the time now and makes sure that his family goes. He and his family have faced quite a few problems lately including losing their apartment, getting hours cut at work, several health issues which put him out of work several weeks and their van blew up. He told me he thought he had lost his faith because of trying to live better and having so many problems. I told him the devil was working on him trying to discourage him and when I read the titles on the cd I just felt it was meant for him. God bless you and your Dad! Pam
What a blessing to have you both in our fellowship and concert in the park this past Sunday. You both are a tremendous blessing to all you come in contact with. The love of Jesus shines from both of you like a beacon for the honor and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Until we meet again family!!!!
God bless, we are praying for your trip. We know God will use you greatly. Love ya
God Bless you both...
I met Leonetta the other day while walking a trail in Claremont. She is wonderful and kind and I was very impressed by her. Love what you have dedicated your life to. God bless.
Love the new video page! God has really blessed you with musical talent, praise God!
Thank you so much for you visit! We love you both so much! May our Father continue o bless you.
Just dropped in to say "Hi! I love you guys!"
Finally getting around to see the site, hope you enjoyed your time in Ireland :) love the photos :) X
Love you!! {{HUGS}} <3 you are precious <()>< Just saying thanks for taking us to and from moms!!! God bless and much love to our Fathers daughter a princess in His Kingdom and jewel in His crown!!!
I have really enjoyed meeting you and your family. I pray that God sends a miracle and heals your mother. I will never forget the time I have spent with the 3 of you. I feel like I've known you both all my life. Thank you for your prayers. I am looking forward to checking out your church. Loving the blues music. keep doin' what you're doin'! blessings, Jules (San Antonio Housekeeper)
Thank you Leonetta for sharing a little website flyer with us today. You spotted us as we were leaving the hiking trail along highway 1. You commented on my wife's appearance. I only wish I would have taken the time to talk with you. I enjoy the Christian spirit along with the gospel in music that you provide. I do not know if I will see you again on this side... But by His grace and mercy we will meet again.
Just checked out your website, love it! It fills our hearts with great joy to see how the Lord has been using you and it blesses us greatly to see the passion in you both in serving our PapaGod! Were truly looking forward in meeting with you on January 5th and see how the Lord may want us to serve in anyway down there. Merry Christmas family and will see you soon! Love, Larry & Ida
Thank you for all your prayers,friendship and Love. It feels great to be back home at CCRC. Have a blessed Christmas, I love you both.
Will you list any videos?
Thanks for sharing on the United flight today. God bless
The privilege of lifting up the Name of Jesus to shine the light of His love in the darkness this last Saturday with song and His Word was glorious! Thank you for coming along side, in obedience to God's call, to minister to the souls who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles. God willing, we'll serve together again on January 5th. God bless you!!!
James, Livia and I had a great fellowship time hiking with you both today! We're so glad we had the opportunity to meet you and spend some time together. Praying you have a spectacular day with your daughter at the 49er game tomorrow!
Love your title "CHRISTIAN BLUES WITH A MESSAGE"; like that as I've been a fan of the Blues for a long time. God Bless your efforts in sharing the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST! BettyJo
Dude you rock man! I am so excited to put something together and you guys visit and play for the down and out! What a perfect ministry for these people outside the Warehouse in L.A. I've alredy sent an email with your website to those who will send it to the pastor of CC Echo Park! Talk to you soon! Albert
Donnie and Leonetta you are God's blessing to our CCRC family and all those to whom you faithfully share Jesus' love through sharing His word and His love and the gift of music. Keep on trekking with the Lord and He will take you to new and greater heights. Glory to God for you are His workmanship. We love you, Family!
Thank you guys sooo much for the prayers. God is answering them daily. We were so blessed to log on last Wed. to find Donnie leading worship. Outstanding! See you guys Sunday!
Hey guys :) Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus with us all near or far. You both are doing a great work for our Lord. Leonetta, I love your hugs <3 Love to you both
Donnie, Thank you so much for blessing us last night with worship. It was just perfect and exactly what our family needed. So many are walking around stunned because of the loss of our sister Jernell, and praising Jesus helps so much!
What a blessing you bring to peoples lives. God Bless You
We love worshipping with you, and love the website. Thanks for passing it on to us this morning. We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in you and through you for the benefit of your brothers and sisters at CCRC. Phil 4:13
Hi Leonetta it was such a blessing meeting you and your husband this morning...I see the picture of you two in Bend Oregon, I met lots of folks from Bend when I used to go to an orphanage in Mexico. The orphanage is run by Applegate ministry. Either way it was nice meeting you...which calvary do you go to again maybe I'll go visit one of these days. God bless you two.
thank you for coming and visiting us, you guys rock! enjoyed you so much as always. you are such a light! keep on keepin' on the good work of Jesus. can't wait to see my running shoes! :)
Hi Donnie and Leonetta, it was such a blessing having you guys in Gilroy! August 26th is my last Sunday here as the senior pastor and then Justin will be taking over. I'll be in Santa Cruz by the beginning of September. We miss you guys already! Love you!
Hi guys, You are a blessing!
Donnie and Leonetta so happy to hear from the both of you and glad to see your continued journey through Jesus Christ ministering your message through Christian blues. I'm still with Melvin Eddy also my family has grown we now have 4 grandkids.Both Karen and I are doing fine. Terry
Thanks for taking some time to visit with us after service on Sunday at CCRC. We've been praying that God would lead us into new friendships, and appreciate the welcome feeling you gave us. Love your site! Our site is still under heavy construction, but please check us out at
We love you guys! Come see us !!!!!!
Hi Guys! Website looks great! Hope all is well with you both. Love, Nina, Mike & kids
It was a true JOY meeting and talking with you Leonetta when you were at Calvary Chapel Bend. The worship was wonderful and fun!! You, my dear, are a bundle of energy and the love of God certainly shines through you. Thanks for loving on me and my son Joel who is going off to college this fall. God bless you and your Honey! :)
keep on shinnig for JESUS!!! PRAYING that you will return home safe. missed you on sunday!
Love you guys.
Love you both. I praise the Lord for your service to HIM.
hello Leonetta, It was a blessing to meet you today, you were a God send for me. I can Clearly see the Love of Jesus all over you. thank you for praying with me and sharing the love of god. May God continue to richly Bless you and your family. Blessings
We love being greeted by you in the parking lot every Sunday morning- my girls look forward to it and search the parking lot for you! Have a blessed trip and we will be anxiously awaiting our Sunday morning hug when you return! Katie for Team Wheeler
Great web site! Loved seeing all the photos, stories and "behind the scenes" info :). Praying for all of God's best for you!
I must confess I'm not religious, but I'm a huge fan of "Hard Rain Fall" and am looking forward to checking out your latest offering. Your music crosses all boundaries. Simple and pure.
I have to say I love you family. I am so happy that you are sharing the precious WORD of our God. This is so wonderful. Keep it up, I am praying for your ministry and I know our God will complete His work in you both. Love you and please don't hesitate to tell us how to pray for you and the ministry.
We love you guys and are so excited about your new website! God bless you and thank you! Wooohooooo!
I in joy that U led in worship, in the mens bible studs. your borther in christ. here we go STEELERS#!!!
I love you guys and I love your website! What a blessing it is knowing such a beautiful and vibrant couple! Your friendship is a true gift from God. Take good care and God bless you always!
Well it's been 15 years since you played your first funeral. Glad to see all this info. on you and Leonetta. You two sure look happy, keep on truckin.
Donny, found your album on CDbaby - awsome music. However, the lyrics and the message in them turned out to be the real bonus!
I just love you guys so much!!! Love the website too :)
Enjoyed everything you all have done. Very nice, especially the beautiful word's to all the song's. God has truly blessed you. Love you both, Mom
I LOVE your website! Love all the pictures of people you've met and God's beauty. Keep up the good work and God Bless you both!
Hi guys! nice to see you here than just Sundays! I will be visiting this site every now and then! take care and God Bless!
Great web site. I have 2 questions. Where is Maine and does Chicago have a football team? Love you guys...God Bless Prov.27:17
Heard you at Calvary Chapel - Zanesville....truly the Blues of "hope" and the assurance of Christ's love for us....God bless you both! F and E
Hi Donnie, You and your wife are an amazing gift from God. Please continue to serve the Lord through your love and talent.
Love the site. Can't wait to see more.