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Thank You For The Cross!! Sending Your Perfect Son!! 

Donnie & Leonetta have been sharing the Love of Jesus through Christian Blues everywhere God opens the doors!!

Enjoy your stay! We pray you enjoy the music and photos along with stories of the road, family and Love of Jesus!!!



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New 2014 Release This Ain't Heaven Yet

Donnie V: This Ain

God Country & Chicago Bears!!


Memorial Day Remembering Our Heroes!!

We Love & Thank All of Our Veterans Who Have Past & Present Served Our Country!! We Thank You For Your Sacrifice For Our Freedom!! Our Prayers are With You and Your Families!!!       


 California Coast Just South of Cambria, Thanksgiving 2014



Hard Rain Fall & Ain't Talkin' Religion CD's

Donnie V: Hard Rain Fall
Donnie V: Ain

Our Father is Proud of You Miss Kim!!! and so am I !!!!!!

Our Father gave us the greatest gift as little girls

Honey and I Love and Thank All Our Family Around The World,

To all Our Christian Family!!,

Please continue to Pray for all The Families of 9-11, all Our Unsung Heroes, Military, Fire Fighters, Police, Rangers, Helicopter Rescue, and all The Volunteers Who risked their lives on that day and everyday!! That They May Know We Love and Appreciate Them!! We also Pray This Nation Under God Would Honor Him!, Thank Him!, and Turn Back to Him!!! We Pray We Never Forget!!

God!!, Country!! & Chicago Bears!!

We Love You Family!!! & Thanks For Your Prayers!!!


We have a New Web Page, Kings Highway! It is updates from the road of all Our Father is doing!! Please be praying for all the mommies, babies and new family!! 

We Love You Family!!

He Loves Us All!!

You Can Post Your Prayer Request Here!!

that I might by all means save some.


Last night on Friday we got to share at Pollock Pines Community Church....

Quote by unknown author "A womans heart should be so hidden in God that a man must seek God first in order to find her!!"

As our Fathers daughters we are so precious in his sight!!! He desires to be first in our life in everything!!! Mat. 6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you!!! It is so important we never settle for 2nd, 3rd or 4th best when our Father wants 1st best for our lives!!! So wait on the Lord, be patient and trust God in everything!!!!

Honey & I will be leaving soon to go up north to Gilroy Ca. and Bend Oregon. When we have more details we will post them in our calender!! We would love for you to be praying for our safe travels & most of all that God would do a great work!!! We pray that everyone would be excited to invite their unsaved friends and there will be many new & renewed commitments to Christ!!!

We wish you could all go with us but you can still go with us in spirit & love as we lift our prayers to the Lord together!!

We pray we can share news and pictures from the road to keep you all updated!!

  We Love & Miss you guys & all our Zanesville CC family!!! We pray God's willing we see you again soon!! If not here we will see you in heaven!!

 First of all I just want to thank you for loving us like crazy with our Fathers Love!!!

I also want to thank you for your prayers and support for our Father's ministry!!!

& like I always say less of us & more of him!!!

I love you guys like crazy!!!

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