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Thank You For The Cross!! Sending Your Perfect Son!! 

Donnie & Leonetta have been sharing the Love of Jesus through Christian Blues everywhere God opens the doors!!

Enjoy your stay! We pray you enjoy the music and photos along with stories of the road, family and Love of Jesus!!!



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New 2014 Release This Ain't Heaven Yet

Donnie V: This Ain

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 California Coast Just South of Cambria, Thanksgiving 2014



Hard Rain Fall & Ain't Talkin' Religion CD's

Donnie V: Hard Rain Fall
Donnie V: Ain

This Ain't Heaven Yet (feat. Jack Baum & Steve Rios)

by Donnie V

Released 2014
Released 2014
Songs of Faith, Life and Family ! Toe Tapping Blues, Ballads and Swing with passionate vocals, acoustic, slide and electric guitars with harmonica!!
  • 04:36 Story Lyrics This Ain't Heaven Yet

    I got stones all in my passway just like the old blues man said it

    and I've watered my couch with my tears just like in Psalms 6 where I read it

    and I've had so much regret, ah but this ain't heaven yet


    Well the bus just pulled in to the station mother and child just climbed on board

    They've just got one suitcase between them and a prayer up to the Lord

    and they've got so much to forget, ah but this ain't heaven yet


    Well there gatherin' in the graveyard there gonna lay her body down

    and as the family's weepin' as the tears fall to the ground

    I'm thinkin' as they wept, ah but this ain't heaven yet


    Well in heaven there'll be no more sorrow

    and in heaven there'll be no more death

    and he'll wipe away all the tears

    all the tears that we've wept, ah but this ain't heaven yet

  • 03:00 Story Lyrics Singin' With the Angels

    Today I'm gonna live for Jesus

    Yesterday has come and gone

    Tomorrow I could be in Heaven

    Singin' a brand new song

    I could be singin' with the angels

    I could singin' Praise The Lord

  • 02:44 Heavens Hounds
  • 04:35 Crumblin' Round
  • 02:21 Gonna See the King
  • 06:08 Mama's Blues
  • 02:16 Jesus I'm so Happy
  • 02:30 Good News Boogie
  • 02:39 Let It Shine
Donnie V continues on his third release to share songs from the heart. The first 8 tracks continue his solo acoustic blues gospel style. Adding to the variety some tracks have Donnie V overdubbing, dobro slide, national guitar and even some licks on his hollow body electric!
Tracks 8-12 are trio versions of earlier recorded favorites off Hard Rain Fall and Ain't Talkin' Religion. Great Old Friends/ Family, Drummer Steve Rios and Bass Player Jack Baum join Donnie for some great Early Electric Blues. Track 13 is a new track by the trio bringing Electric Blues Slide to an Old Spiritual Standard!
This release continues to bring us songs we can all relate too! The ups and downs of life and Jesus the only answer for a lost, lonely and broken world!!