Ok Thank You For The Cross!! Sending Your Perfect Son!! 

Donnie & Leonetta have been sharing the Love of Jesus through Christian Blues everywhere God opens the doors!!

Enjoy your stay! We pray you enjoy the music and photos along with stories of the road, family and Love of Jesus!!!



Kings Airway Photo Gallery 

Hi Family!! Thanks For all your prayers!! We've added kings airway photo gallery to our photos page!! this time we flew back to charlston Wv. for the 2013 simply Jazz & Blues Fest. We did miss the van but it was a little too slow for this trip!! but honey did get to run around the airport & plane sharing our fathers love!!!

 also please be praying as we return to the warehouse in downtown la sep. 7th to share with our homeless family!!

We love you family,

 Donnie & Honey

From Grandmas Home of Mississippi across the South! Home of the Blues!! 

Hi family be sure to click read more on all the posts so you can see the photos & stories!!

We always Love the devine appointments our father has for us!! from rest stops to parking lots hotels or anywhere he leads us!!! To all our family in every photo on kings highway it is an honor to love you all!!

to our father in heaven, mama (grandma), lil'mama (our daughter) & darnell, we love the your cd!! it has traveled 21 states, 7900 miles, our father has blessed you!!! we love you lil'mama & as mama always…

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God, Country & The Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers 

happy birthday poppy!! 92 years old 7-18-13!!! We Love you Jordan (baby Boy)!!!  We love you all, mommy's, poppy's & babies, in fredericktown (family), Thank you CC fredericktown for loving us!!  We love you too katrina (baby girl) and your parents!!! Thank you for my beautiful kitty hat, i love it, it means everything to me!!!

to our hero, poppy, we love you, le'anne our baby girl and baby boy and the whole family!!! thank you poppy for your service in wwii, d-day!!! it was an honor for us to be loved…

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Family!!! Military!!! Love & Thanks!!!! 

We Love You Family!! The photos on top were taken with Our Calvary Chapel Zanesville Ohio family. We Miss You Guys!! Zanesville Ohio is full of Beautiful Memorials to Our Fallen Heroes!! One of them is shown below. Thank you to all Our military family for your sacrifice for our freedom!!! We pray everyone thanks our military for their great sacrifice!!! 

we love you family!!!!! thank you for loving us and thank you for always welcoming us as family!!! honey says hug & kiss all her babies for her…

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Our Father Has Blessed!!! 

there's so much to share!!! We have many photos & stories and we will continue to add to kings highway as often as we can!! thanks again lil'mama we love you!!!

We love you all family!!! we had a wonderful trip!! we Met many wonderful people (family) we love you!!!! so many praying for us and the opportunity for us to pray for many as well!! 

Here are some more photos and there's much more to come so keep checking back!!!

to all the mommies, poppies, babies & veterans just because we don't see you…

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Our Movie From Ohio, Our Father Blessed!! 

we've made a little movie in Zanesville ohio we would love for you to see!!! staring honey, Bobbi & our beautiful babies from calvary chapel in zanesville ohio!! We had a wonderful time walking along the river and downtown inviting people (family) out to the friday night coffeehouse at the church and passing out bibles!!! we love you family!!!

sorry Movie no longer available now Our Father's willing it will be soon!!

From Ohio We Love You Family!!!!! 

We Love you family!!!  Our father has been blessing us with a wonderful trip!!! we're now in ohio and it has been amazing meeting new family along the way!!! from single dads who have recently had their wives go home to be with the lord to korean war veterans, football fans, steelers, colts, packers and bears, mommies & babies, great hotel staff and childhood friends from illinois "we love you guys" 

 the hardest part is saying goodbye!!! we love and miss you all!!! isn't it awesome to know someday there…

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Praise Report and Photos 

 We're in Rock Springs Wyoming! Our Father has blessed with safe travels and no problems with the van!!   It has been awesome getting to see family from the past and meet new family along the way!! honey has been blessed to pass out some of the bibles and we ask that you be praying for all who have received one!! It has been really something to see their expressions and just the way they hold the bible with such honor!!

 We would like to thank all our family in bend or. & gilroy ca. for all their love…

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News From the Road July 2013 

We're adding this page with news from the road! We made it a blog page because we pray we get to here news from you as well!!

 please be praying!! We Love You Family!!! but Our Father Loves You More!!!

love honey & honey