1. I Remember

From the recording I Remember


I remember back in Illinois when I was a little boy
Playin' records on the stereo pretendin' I could play guitar.
I remember back in senentytwo I was ten sittin' in school
I was wishin' kids wouldn't be so cruel, man we haven't come to far
My minds full of dreams
I remember in my high school days how I never would go on dates
How I prayed that I could wait on a girl who's just like you.
I remember sittin' in church holdin' back the tears cause my heart hurts
And I was thinkin' Lord, man nothing' works but still I know your word is true.
My minds full of dreams.
Now I have been a lonely boy and I have been a sinful man
But you've been with me all the time and now I can't beleive I can,
Play guitar and not be cruel n' be with a girl who's just like you.
I can go to church and bow my head and believe the words that you have said!