It was During the time of floods in Joplin Missouri. Our neighbors, a dad and three young boys were struggling. Mom had just passed away from cancer. They didn't understand a Loving God who would take there wife and mother away from them. We thank Our Father honey got to pray with her when she was in Hospice care as she asked Jesus into her heart! All this had me thinking about all the people who struggle with believing in a loving God while there is so much suffering in the world. That night when listening to a bible study on the radio a Pastor was speaking on the same subject when he said This Ain't Heaven Yet! I said that's a great song!!
The first verse of the song is from my own experience.
The second verse is My wife and daughter! A single, never married mother since she was a teenager, with a small little girl who two years later would become my Wife and Daughter, boarded a Greyhound bus in Chicago bound for California. They left everything behind but their suitcase to escape the beatings of an abusive boyfriend who often threatened to kill and has spent most of our marriage in prison. Honey and I married in Jan. 1991 and I have been blessed to be Kellee's aka lil'mama Father since she was eight, Thank You Father! I Love You Honey & Kellee and this verse always makes me cry!
The third verse is Our neighbors verse as well as all who have said goodbye to loved ones in this life!
The song ends with the promise we have!! Our Hope and Salvation, JESUS CHRIST!! That this is not the end! In this life we will suffer but for those who put there trust in Him, He will always be there for us, OUR GOOD SHEPARD!! Someday we who put our trust in Him have the promise of eternity with Him!!! In Heaven with no more sorrow, no more pain and he will wipe all the tears from eyes!!
Thank You Father!!! and We Pray We See You All There!!! We Love You!! As Honey Always Says Our Father Loves You Best!!!!


I got stones all in my passway just like the old blues man said it
and I've watered my couch with my tears just like in Psalms 6 where I read it
and I've had so much regret, ah but this ain't heaven yet
Well the bus just pulled in to the station mother and child just climbed on board
They've just got one suitcase between them and a prayer up to the Lord
and they've got so much to forget, ah but this ain't heaven yet
Well there gatherin' in the graveyard there gonna lay her body down
and as the family's weepin' as the tears fall to the ground
I'm thinkin' as they wept, ah but this ain't heaven yet
Well in heaven there'll be no more sorrow
and in heaven there'll be no more death
and he'll wipe away all the tears
all the tears that we've wept, ah but this ain't heaven yet